"Pura" means ancient and "Nava" means new. Puranava is an effort to showcase the rich heritage and ancient wisdom of India and its relevance in these modern times.

Puranava is conducted as an annual cultural fest conducted by Global Organization for Divinity in different parts of the world.

In India it is conducted as an annual inter-school Heritage Quiz Contest in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Tuticorin and many other cities.

In the USA, it is conducted as an Indian Cultural Fest. In November 2017, an open heritage quiz contest called Puranava and an Indian cultural competition called "Samskruti" was held in Dallas, TX.

In April 2018, the two events were combined together to create Puranava -Indian Cultural Fest and was first held in Houston, TX. In 2019, Puranava was expanded to 3 cities - Houston, Bay Area and Atlanta. Since then, every year Puranava has been growing every year.