8.30 AM – Walk-in Registrations/Check-in



The aim of Puranava is for kids to research and learn more on India and our heritage. Rather than focusing on winning or losing, we want all the kids to participate enthusiastically and have fun in the process!


Please bring your confirmation email to the registration desk on the event day. If the payment was not successful during registration, please bring your payment on event day. 

Please reach out to Bala Sundaram (404-316-9110) or Vijay Nenmeni       (864-320-4053) or immediately!

General Guidelines:

  1. We encourage you to arrive and sign in 30 minutes prior to your competitions.
  2. Competitions will begin promptly at the designated hour. To respect the judges’ time and other participants’ time, attendees will have to forfeit their participation if they arrive more than 20 minutes late to the venue. (This does not apply if they are held up in another Puranava competition but please do bring it to the attention of the coordinators.)
  3. For Art competition, registered participants can walk-in any time between 9.30 AM-1:30 PM. For all other competitions, all the participants are expected to be present in the competition area before the start of the competition.
  4. Due to space constraints, parents may not be allowed inside some of the competition areas. This is subject to change based on space availability and upon the discretion of the coordinator.
  5. Each coordinator will reach out to you individually with additional instructions, if any, for their respective competitions.

Competition Guidelines:

Please refer Competition Guidelines for all events.


Good luck for the competitions!


Please email or contact Bala Sundaram @ (404) 316 9110 or Vijay Nenmeni @ (864) 320 4053 with any questions.