Puranava 2020 Milpitas - India Quiz


India Heritage Quiz is a friendly competition that aims to give kids the platform to learn about our rich Indian culture right from the ancient times to our modern present day. The Quiz competition that will not only challenge your knowledge of India but also kindle the joy of research, pride in knowledge and the thrill of winning. We hope this competition is just a start in the lives of your young'uns and of their quest to know more about the great land and its traditions, culture and the great men that lived and live to this day.

We provide the study material for the quiz in the form of flash cards and fun games. The kids have to just bring their curiosity and eagerness to learn!

Grades: 2-8

The heritage quiz material is given below.

Quiz Study Material:

(Password is required to access URL)- 


Password: Puranava2020


  • Heritage words
  • India - General Questions
  • Basics of Sanatana Dharma
  • Ramayana
  • Animals in our scriptures
  • Science and Technology
  • Art forms
  • Landmarks
  • Authors


Grades 2-5:

Written round only. Top 3 winners will be identified based on the written round. Participants are expected to write only choice numbers.

Grades 6-8:

There will be 2 rounds.

Prelims(Written): All the participants will be given a set of questions to answer. 8 Finalists will be selected and will proceed to the next round.

Finals ( On-stage round) - Participants will be divided into teams of 2 each (total 4 teams). Finals will consist of 4-5 rounds.

Questions will be from the topics given. In case there arises a situation to use a tie-breaker, any question related to Indian Heritage will be asked and the team that answers it will be declared winner. Tie breaker quiz question can be any question from or out of the study material. In case all the participating teams do not know the answer, then another question will be selected.

For heritage words, the participants are expected to know the word and its meaning. They will not be asked to spell or pronounce the word correctly.


Date: Fall / Winter 2020.

Date and Venue details will be published soon.


Photography Rights:
By participating in the Puranava 2020, you agree to let us use photographs of you and/or your participation at the event for promotional purposes. Your participation also allows us to use your photos in our future print or online publications, social media posts, flyers or other promotional material and for historical documentation.

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