Guidelines for Puranava Chess Competitions 2019 @ Houston

Age categories (Age to be calculated as of April 1)
1. Level 1 – Ages 5-7
2. Level 2 – Ages 8-10
3. Level 3 – Ages 11+

• Chess boards will be provided by organizers
Common Rules for All Categories:
• Please bring your own chess boards for preliminary rounds.
• Ask the invigilator for any rule Clarifications.
• Player should know the basic chess moves to play the game, not the special moves like castling or end passant or pawn promotion. (the player must know how to move the King, queen, Bishop, knight, rook and pawn. ) Since this is a completion and not the time to teach, lack of required chess knowledge will lead to the opponent being announced as the winner.
• Board rule: The right hand (down) corner of the person should have the white square. If not ask the invigilator to change it.
• Third party / parents are not allowed to coach the game. Parents are allowed to watch the game while it is in progress.
• This is knockout game, Draw is not allowed so play should play the game until either one of you win or either one of you accepts the loss and leaves the game.
• Do not interrupt a Chess Game which is in Progress.
• Do not talk/quarrel with the opponent for anything while game is in progress.
• Touch of chess pieces: If you touch a piece on the chess board, you must move it.
• If the piece is placed in a wrong square, report to the invigilator and ask his permission to change the move, do not talk/quarrel with the opponent.
• Do not ask any help from others or parents while game is in progress, if you need any clarification on the move, ask the invigilator.
• Do not take any captured piece and place it in the board. You will be disqualified and opponent will be announced as winner.
• There is no time limit for any move, so be patient for the opponent to move and take your own time for your move.
• When the King is in check / attack, you must move the king to other position and avoid the threat of the opponent, either by blocking your king with some other piece or move your king to valid place.
• When you check the opponent king and the opponent is not having any valid move for his/her king it will be considered as the check mate and you win the game. Checkmate is a game position in chess in which a player’s king is in check (threatened with capture ) and there is no way to remove the threat. Checkmating the opponent wins the game.
• If the opponent is having only king in the board and if you could not capture /check mate the king within 16 moves of the opponent king, the game is considered as draw, you both will be asked to start a new game until either one of you wins the game or accepts that he/she lost the game or leaves the game for good.
• If you have any doubt when you do Castling, End passant and Pawn promotion, Call the invigilator.

Photography Rights:
• By participating in the Puranava Chess Competition 2019, you agree to let us use photographs of you and/or your work at the event for promotional purposes. Your participation also allows us to use your photos in our future print or online publications, social media posts, flyers or other promotional material and for historical documentation.

Competition Format:
1. Draws will be prepared after registration is complete
2. Winners will advance appropriately.

Please contact Venkatji ( with any questions.

Registration and Check-in:
• Advance registration – $10 per participant – can be done at
• Register @
• Call 678-472-7693 for more information
• Walk-in registration – $15 per participant if a slot is available
• Check-in on the day of event is at 9AM – @Pearland Town Center, Pearland TX