Sample Questions for Elementary School Group

1. Who is the guru of the Pandavas?

a. Dronacharya

b. Aswathama

c. Bheesmacharya

d. Shakuni


2.   What does the title Chattrapati mean?

a.   Emperor

b.   Warrior

c.    Noble

d.   Minister


3.   What is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi?

a.   Nasik

b.   New Delhi

c.    Porbandar

d.   Ahmedabad


Sample Questions for Middle School Group


1.    In which city is Jallianwala Bagh located?

a.   New Delhi

b.   Kolkata

c.    Mumbai

d.   Amritsar


2.   What famous movement was launched on 8 August 1942

a.   Quit India

b.   Dandi March

c.    ‘Simon Go Back’ protests

d.   Indian National Army


3.   Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary is located in which Indian State

a.   Maharashtra

b.   Tamil Nadu

c.    Orissa

d.   Assam


4.   Who built Red Fort in Delhi?

a.   ShahJahan

b.   East India Company

c.    ChandraGupta Maurya

d.   Tipu Sultan


5.   Who composed the song ‘Paluke bangaramayana’?

a.   Tyagaraja

b.   Annamacharya

c.    Purandaradasa

d.   Bhadrachala Ramdas


6.   Fill in the blanks Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar, __________


7.   Name this game


8.   How do we better know Chaturang?

a.   Tennis

b.   Polo

c.    Badminton

d.   Chess


9.   What does Ayurveda mean?

a.   Knowledge of wealth

b.   Economics

c.    Mathematics

d.   Science of Life


10.  Who was the first surgeon?

a.   Charaka

b.   Aryabhatta

c.    Sushrutha

d.   Patanjali