Pura” means ancient and “Nava” means new or modern. True to its name, this event, which is presented in various formats by Global Organization for Divinity in several cities and countries across the world, aims to provide attendees & participants with an experience of India’s vibrant, age-old culture which is still an integral part of modern India.

PURANAVA was first conceptualized in India as an annual heritage and cultural quiz competition conducted by Global Organization for Divinity, India. It is still conducted as an annual inter-school Heritage Quiz Contest in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Tuticorin and many other cities. There are plans to conduct a Global Puranava Quiz contest in 2021-22.

In November 2017, Puranava USA was first held in Dallas, TX as an open cultural quiz contest.


In April 2018, Puranava first came to Houston where it grew to be an Indian Culture Festival with Exhibits, Performances, Arts & Crafts, Vendors, and a number of culture-based youth competitions including a Heritage Quiz, Art and Story-telling. This event was supported by a cultural arts grant from the City of Pearland through the Pearland Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

In March 2019, the Puranava Indian Culture Fest was held at the Pearland Town Center Pavilion on a larger scale. Once again supported by the City of Pearland cultural arts grant and in collaboration with Universal Shraddha Foundation, the event featured a Chariot Parade and several street performances apart from stage performances, vendors, food, arts & crafts. Youth competitions included Heritage Vocabulary Bee quiz, Art contest, Indian classical music, Indian classical dance.

The March 2020 event was postponed due to the pandemic.

Now in August 2021, the third edition of Puranava Indian Culture Fest is back in the Pearland Town Center, as the US cautiously opens up once again to gatherings and social events. The organizers will try to make Puranava 2021 as safe as possible and request all attendees to consider wearing masks for safety’s sake.

The culture fest, slated for Saturday Aug 14, will feature

  • Indian classical and folk dances and music
  • Arts, crafts, activities for kids
  • Try your own henna art
  • Try your own Rangoli art
  • Photo ops
  • Indian food
  • Bazaar with vendor booths featuring local businesses,
  • Free Covid vaccine shots
  • Universal harmony kirtan with balloons for all

Competitions will include Indian classical music and Heritage Vocabulary Bee. These will be held a day or two before the Culture Fest event, with awards presented during the Culture Fest.

For guidelines, dates and information about each competition, please check out this page:

Please follow our Facebook Event page for latest updates about the event:

Organizers & Co-Hosts: The event is organized by Global Organization for Divinity Houston, in collaboration with Love to Share Foundation America. The project is supported by a City of Pearland Cultural Arts Grant program from the City of Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau, and by the Pearland Town Center.

Questions? Please call 281-402-6585 or email